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Social Video Ad's

The easiest way to create beautiful marketing videos

Our Social Media Ad's are an affordable marketing tool that get your clients attention on social media or where you choose to send your attention getting Video Ad!

We have an amazing library of stock,   
un-stock footage and music to make your Video Ad totally Unique!!!!
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Video has become essential. 
More than 50% of Facebook users 
watch at least one video each day.

Our 3-step editor makes creating
clips super fast & easy. Just choose clip, 
add music, logo and publish.

It's a "must have" tool for marketers. 
Create short video ads to boost 
your on-line campaigns.

Cinemagraphs and Live Pictures

When VIDEO & PICTURES MASH TOGETHER AND MAKE A CINAMAGRAPH.....We can take any video and freeze any part of it , then loop 10-15 seconds of the action in that video and loop it forever to give our clients a captivating attention grabbing marketing asset!

Powerful captivating marketing assets that we can create for you is only limited to the imagination
It’s Time to Stopping Using Tech from the 80s

Crazy as it sounds, most people still use technology created in 1987 to “show-off” their cinemagraphs on the web. You heard it here. The infamous GIF file format dates back to the dark ages – long before the birth of the Internet. Why the heck is it still around?

We all love seeing GIFs used for memes and looping cat videos. Heck, one silicon valley startup even raised an ungodly sum of money as a platform for sharing animated GIFs. Unfortunately, the GIF file format was created for tiny little images made up from a handful of colors.

 Now that major social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter support HD cinemagraphs, it really is time to focus on high resolution images.

The cinemagraphs images created that we create for our clients are often based on HD or 4K resolution video. Converting an HD resolution cinemagraph to a GIF is the worst thing you could do. Stop it right now. Your beautiful cinemagraph will become a bloated bandwidth hog that will bog-down most web pages and won’t look nearly as good as the original source video.

Your cinemagraph will look awesome in any browser and on any device while keeping the file size very small.

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