Why create mobile phone coupons?

Statistics show that digital coupons for smartphones have the best mobile coupon redemption rates, even more than traditional paper coupons. This is because your clients pretty much always have their mobile phones with them every time they visit your store. Mobile coupons can reach your target audience with the latest technology, instead of standard marketing methods. Mobile coupons can be distributed through email, sms, Facebook, apps, wifi networks, NFC tags, or iBeacons.

Our mobile coupon redemption software is proven to increase traffic to any business. Besides more traffic for your business, we also make it possible to collect customer data and interact with social media. With our digital coupon management system, you will have all the tools you need for creating fabulous coupons!
View here some examples of digital mobile coupons

Digital Scratch & Win coupons
Mobile scratch off coupons

Use digital Scratch & Win coupons to add gamification to mobile marketing.

With our Scratch & Win coupon builder, you are able to create your own custom Scratch & Win contest in minutes!
Digital Scratch & Win coupons offer fun and engagement to your mobile marketing.
You are able to combine the Scratch & Win with a 'social login' to capture big customer databases in no time.
Scratch & win promotions gives proven results for marketeers and retailers and are the most successful promotion type.
We offer more then 10 default scratch layouts and you are able to customize your own scratch coupons.

Add fun and gamification

Customers will love your Scratch & Win program because it brings fun and suspense. People enjoy winning prizes with Scratch & Win coupons. 

 Add brand visibility

Scratch and win contests can be branded and personalized with your logo

 Flexible retries.

You can give customers only one chance to scratch or set a number of retries. You can also set the reset limit so people can scratch only once, or every day, or every month. .

 You can set all win chances

Our system supports building random prizes via scratch-off coupons. You can set the win/lose chances and also personalize the winner and loser images.

Here are a few
Digital Scratch & Win coupon -
 Mobile scratch-off coupon examples

Try our our New Digital Promotional tool, For your Mobile App, Website, Or any marketing Campaign you want to add some excitement and gamification too.

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