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As consumers spend more and more time shopping, scheduling appointments, and playing games on their mobile devices, business owners are getting wise and developing apps to make the lives of their customers, and potential customers, easier.

It's hard to imagine anyone who doesn't have a smartphone with at least one app that they rely on every single day. Most people are using at least three to four apps daily.

Being where your customers are is critical, and a recent analysis by Flurry shows that people spend more time on their mobile devices than they do watching TV. Allowing customers and prospects to interact with your company from mobile devices is now mandatory. Having your company live on your customer's phones and engaging your customers with Push and SMS technology can quickly distance you from your competition and build loyalty. The easier it is to interact, the more business you will generate. Apps can increase order frequency and size by making ordering faster and more timely, increase user engagement and build loyalty, and help customers get more out of your products or services by providing relevant information on their devices. In short, just having an app is no longer enough. It's really important to establish your goals with us to ensure that your app connects with your users and provides you a competitive advantage.


1. Ads Tab
2. Around Us Tab
3. Call Us Tab
4. Car Finder Tab
5. Contact Tab
6. Direction View Tab
7. Email Form Tab
8. Events Tab
9. Fan Wall Tab
10. Food Ordering Tab
11. Golf Courses Tab
12. Home Tab
13. Image Gallery Tab
14. Info Tab – ( 1 – 3 Tiers)
15. Loyalty Tab

16. Mailing List Tab
17. Membership Tab
18. Menu Tab
19. Merchandise Tab
20. Messages Tab
21. Mortgage Calculator Tab
22. Music Tab
23. News Tab
24. Notepad Tab
25. PDF Tab
26. Podcast Tab
27. QR Coupons Tab
28. QR Scanner Tab
29. Real Estate Tab
30. Reservation Tab

31. Rss Feed Tab
32. Social Tab
33. Sports Stats Tab
34. Tell a friend Tab
35. Tip Calculator Tab
36. Voice Recording Tab
37. Walk through Tab
38. Web site Tab
39. WUFOO Form Tab
40. YouTube Channel Tab
41. Push Notifications
42. Geo Location
43. Geo Fencing Coupons & Messaging
44. Geo Radius Push notifications
45. MORE TO COME.....


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