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Mobile App Packages


1.With this package you purchase the App for $2500 .
2. We custom build it for you. 
3. We send it to google & Apple to get approved. 
4. We train you on how to utilize & make changes to your app. 
5. Email support
6. Full back office access
7. Full analytics
8. In App Ordering  / E-Commerce included - *We will build it if requested when we         do the initial build.
9. FREE upgrades if there are Maintenance issues on our end with the software.
**This is the perfect package for a business who is a DIY  ( do it yourself ) kind of client. With this package you will not have any monthly hosting fees, there is a complete help desk that will explain every aspect of how to update and run your mobile app. 


  The only fees that will be associated with this package is software update fees - What this means is that time to time throughout the year we have minor and major updates to our software platform. when we do these UPDATES, we will contact you directly to let you know of what the change is and if it will have an impact on your mobile app's functionality. Some of our updates might only be to update a feature or tab that you may not be using in your app so then you would not have to worry about updating the app and paying the fees.

NOTE* Not all updates will be needed for your app to run perfectly. Sometimes the update is for a particular tab that you may not be using therefore the update would not be necessary for you to update and incur the update charge. But when their is an update that you may need and we perform that particular update you needed at the time, Your app will also get the past updates regardless if you needed them or not. So in essence when we update your app we update the whole thing so your app will be completely updated and overhauled!

Major updates to the mobile app platform 
As you may know technology is constantly changing on mobile devices whether it is a new phone that has come out, or a new screen size and sometimes it is software update for the device itself or a social platform update like Facebook. In these instances we to have to update our software and coding so that our clients apps will continue to work perfectly.

***So, at times we will have major software updates that are necessary for all apps to update too so that our mobile apps that are developed on our platform will continue to function perfectly on all mobile and tablet devices.  

Partner Package

1. You pay a $300 Set up and Design fee + $150 a month maintenance fee that includes:
  • Any needed updates - NO EXTRA COST
  • Hosting of the mobile app on our platform
  • Any changes you need or re-design - call or email changes and we take care of them for you. NO CHARGE
  • Call in directly for customer support
  • Your own private page on our website to host all your login info, news, Training videos that we create just for you.
  • Full back office access
  • Full analytics
  • We take care of any and all issues if they are on our end. 
2. We build you a custom Mobile App
3. We send to Google play store and Apple store for approval
4. We Train you on the basic functions of the app 
5. We do 
This is the perfect package for a business who may not have a huge budget but needs to have access to the same digital marketing tools that their competition has but with the assurance that they too also have a team of experts to help along the way. 

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